I'm having trouble printing ...

All browsers are created differently and some of them will not display or print an entire pdf. Older versions of Internet Explorer are notorious for this. Once you have saved the pdf to your computer, open and print it using a separate pdf reader, and NOT your browser. We recommend Adobe Reader, which is free and can be downloaded from www.Adobe.com

If you have problems printing our pdf files, please try the following steps.
1. Are you opening the pdf in your browser and printing directly from there?
  • Yes - go to number 2.
  • No - go to number 5.
2. We have found that the various browsers (IE, Chrome, Firefox and Safari) have been changing their pdf viewers regularly, and that many of the changes have prevented pdfs printing properly. There are two ways to fix the issue:
  • Download the pdf files to your computer and print from there. Go to number 3.
  • Find the workaround for your browser. Go to number 4.
3. To download the pdf files to your computer, Right Click on the link (Windows) or Control Click on the link (Mac), and choose "Save As" or "Save File As". Navigate to a location on your computer that you will remember (perhaps your Desktop) and click Save. Now find the file on your computer, Double Click to open it with Adobe Reader, and either click the print icon, select File then Print, or click Control and P on your keyboard.
4. Here are the browser fixes that we have found to date.
  • Chrome: Enter chrome://plugins/ into Chrome's address bar. This will bring up a list of Plug-Ins. Scroll down to find Chrome PDF Viewer and click Disable. Then look for Adobe Reader and click Enable. You may need to restart Chrome.
  • Firefox: Click on the Settings Menu (an icon with three bars in the top right corner), choose Options, then Applications. Scroll down until you find Portable Document Format (PDF) and change the drop-down menu to Use Adobe Reader (default). You may need to restart Firefox.
  • Internet Explorer: No problems reported currently. If necessary try a Google search for "make Adobe Reader default in IE" or try downloading the pdf files as in 3 above.
  • Safari: No problems reported currently. If you are having problems try downloading the pdf files as in 3 above.
5. If you have saved the pdf files to your computer and get no response when you double click to open and print them, it is possible that you need to either install Adobe Reader, or download the latest version. Adobe Reader is free, useful and simple to download. Please do a search for "download Adobe Reader" to find the appropriate download page for your country / language / operating system - you should be directed to a link which has adobe.com in the URL. Don't forget to install Adobe Reader when you have downloaded it.
6. If you are using a Mac and seeing black boxes when you print, please look at the advice here.