What is an individual member?

1. single; particular; separate
2. intended for the use of one person only

Purchase an Individual Membership for:

  • your family (you might be a parent or grandparent)
  • your children (you might be a nanny or childminder)
  • your breakfast club or after-school club (one Individual Membership per user please)
  • your classroom (one Individual Membership per teacher please)
  • your Sunday School class (one Individual Membership per adult please)
  • your library (one Individual Membership per librarian please)
  • your pack / group (one Individual Membership per leader please)
  • your small nursery school, pre-school or day nursery (one Individual Membership per user please)

If you are unsure, you can always contact us to check.

If you are interested in purchasing more than 8 Individual Memberships, please contact us for group rates.


  • As an Individual Member you can log in on any of your computers or devices - at work, at home, on your phone or tablet, on holiday, etc.
  • However, only one device can be active at the same time. 
  • When you log in on a new device, any other devices using the same username and password will be logged out temporarily.

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