Can I share my log in details?

No. An Individual Membership is just that. We provide one user login per Individual Member and it is a condition of Membership that logins are not shared.

Only one computer, tablet or phone can be active (logged in) to your account at a time. 


  • As an Individual Member you can log in on any of your computers or devices - at work, at home, on your phone or tablet. 
  • However, only one device can be active at the same time. 
  • When you log in on a new device, any other devices using the same username and password will be logged out temporarily.

Here's an example:

  • You log in to use Activity Village on your home computer to print out some pages for the kids
  • The next morning you go to work and log in to your school computer to print out some pages for the class
  • When you get home, you will find that your home computer has been logged out and you will find a message reminding you to log in again.